New Epilogue for Heavy Sweetness, Ash-Like Frost

I just found out there’s a new epilogue for Heavy Sweetness, Ash-Like Frost. Dian Xian, the author of the novel, wrote it specifically for the drama adaptation. If you want to read the completed Eng translation of the novel, you can do so at decembi’s blog.

Click to read the new epilogue: Chinese raw ||| Viet translation

I’m not aware of an English translation of this new epilogue, but if you do, please let me know in the comments. I’ll do a quick recap for people who can’t read Chinese or Viet.

WARNING: The following content contains major spoilers about Epilogue #5 of Heavy Sweetness, Ash-Like Frost. Don’t read further if you don’t like spoilers.

The epilogue takes place after Phoenix and JM have married and living happily in the Demon realm. One day, deities from the Heaven realm visit them and tell them that a catastrophe will occur in the Human realm and many people will die. The only way to prevent this is if JM goes through reincarnation and experience hardships for 1 lifetime as a human.

Phoenix opposes the idea, but this is a noble cause, so JM eventually sweet talks him into allowing her to do it. He agrees, but with 2 conditions. First, he gets to pick the person JM will be reborn as. Secondly, he also wants to go through reincarnation with her.

[Note: When they’re reborn as humans, Phoenix and JM lose all memories. They’re now strangers  to each other.]

JM is reincarnated as the leader of a secret group of healers. The healers live in isolation and are so secretive that hardly anyone knows about them, especially men (jealous Phoenix wanted to keep JM away from all men lol).

The healers exist only to serve the emperor. Their most important mission is to create an elixir of life that will make the emperor live forever. The catch is if anything happens to the emperor and he dies, the leader of the healers will be buried alive with him. This makes JM very anxious and she always wishes him great health because guess who’ll be buried alive with him if he dies? Yup, it’s her! lol

One day while she’s gathering medicinal herbs on a mountain, JM saves an injured person. Since she grew up around only women and has no awareness of the differences between males and females, she assumes this is a “young lady” like herself. The young lady is heavily injured, she can’t hear or talk. While they live together, JM discloses her identity to her companion, not realizing the person has regained the ability to hear and speak but chooses to stay silent. After some time, the mysterious person disappears.

Two years passes. During this time, the emperor overthrows his corrupt uncle and seizes back power. Suddenly, JM gets summoned to go see the emperor. JM is worried because although she imagines herself to be a great healer, she still hasn’t figured out how to make the emperor live forever. JM’s loyal maid accompanies her on the trip.

When they meet, JM thinks the emperor looks very familiar. Out of frustration, the emperor yells that he’s the person she had saved. He doesn’t understand how she can think she’s a great healer when she can’t even differentiate males and females apart, lol.

The emperor is Phoenix’s reincarnation, and once again, he has fallen in love with a blockhead JM. He confesses his love for her, but she turns him down repeatedly. The leader of the healers is forbidden from falling in love with a man.

Phoenix doesn’t know what to do except keep her at the palace and visits her often to try and win her heart.

At this time, court officials are pressuring Phoenix to marry and have heirs. Phoenix holds them off by saying he wants to conquer the enemy kingdoms. How can he have a family when their kingdom is constantly threatened? JM isn’t too thrilled at the thought of Phoenix going to war because her survival is linked to his, lol.

Thankfully, Phoenix is a brilliant warrior. He defeats the surrounding enemy kingdoms easily until there’s only 1 left.

This will be his last campaign and when he returns, he intends to marry JM whether she agrees or not.

Although JM doesn’t know it, she has gradually fallen in love with him. Knowing this, JM’s maid poisons her because JM has broken the rules, which is the leader of the healers can’t fall in love with any man.

When Phoenix returns from war in triumph and rushes into JM’s room, he finds her dead body.

Against the wishes of the court officials, he still marries her corpse in an elaborate ceremony. After the ceremony, he rides off with her on a horse to his tomb. Inside the tomb is a coffin. He carries her body inside and dies with her.

Now that they’re both dead, Phoenix and JM return to their true forms as Demon Lord and Water Deity, respectively. Although they experienced heartbreak in the Human realm, it was only 1 lifetime. As immortals, they can love and stay with each other forever.


Found! Viet edit for the novel Moonlight Drawn By Clouds

There’s a Park Bo Gum fever going around. Since I’ve no immunity against handsome faces, I’m infected as well, lol.

PBG’s drama Moonlight Drawn By Clouds is based on a Korean novel. I’ve been googling nonstop hoping to find a translation of the novel. Hey, hard work does pay off because look what I found!!!!

Viet edit by a kind soul @ (Woot!!! Woot!!!~~~)



I read that the Viet version is based off of a Chinese machine translation of the Korean novel. This means some stuff will probably be lost in translation, but beggars can’t be choosy, lol. If you know Chinese, you can search for the Chinese version online. Good luck!!!

As of right now, I’m not aware of a translation in English or any other languages except Chinese and Viet.

Of course anyone who can buy the original novel in Korean should do so to support the author. Unfortunately, there are many fans who live overseas and don’t know Korean :(.

Happy reading!!


Epilogue: BZH’s Search for the Grave of the Last God

This is a summary, not a full translation. I can’t translate the entire epilogue because it is too long and complicated, but I did translate 2 sections. Summary is italicized, direct translation is in regular font.

The first translated section is about BZH seeing the adult form of HQG for the first time. The second translated section is about BZH wanting to follow HQG to the savage wilderness. The latter section was requested by steffyjames, who generously helps out in the Discussion Corner so I want to do something to thank her.Read More »

The Journey of Flower – Chapter 082

Qing Shui pulled at Luo Shi Yi: “How is it? Still not allowing people to see her! What should we do? She’s heavily injured!” She began to cry.

Xiu Mu Qing Liu patted her shoulder: “Don’t worry, Zun Shang saved her so he won’t let her die.”

“But Shuo Feng isn’t here! He disappeared with Hua Qian Gu! Where did they go? He’s the calmest and smartest person! If he were here, there’s probably a way!”

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The Journey of Flower – Chapter 081

There was complete silence, everyone was shocked, the atmosphere was bleak and filled with the heavy stench of blood.

Luo Shi Yi and the others were sad, although Hua Qian Gu was saved, she was now paralyzed. Not living but also not dying, death was simpler and easier.

Mo Yan was angry: “Sect junior, what are you doing? In front of the immortals here, are you not protecting her? Outsiders would think Chang Liu is giving her preferential treatment.”

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The Journey of Flower – Chapter 080

The prison was not far from Chang Liu’s main hall, but it was a long walk for Hua Qian Gu. Because she was the Sect Leader’s disciple, and she always treated everyone well, the disciples responsible for escorting her knew her and did not press her along.

Hua Qian Gu walked slowly, wising the path would never end. Looking up at Jue Qing Hall floating in the sky, she wanted to return there and look around for one last time, to see if the peach tree she recently planted had bloomed.

Glancing around, the exquisite surrounding was shrouded in mist between the sea and the sky, this had become her second home. Here, she spent the best seven years of her life. No matter how terrible the punishment waiting for her, perhaps she would be killed, but she was not afraid, the only thing she feared, it would be the disappointment in Teacher’s eyes.

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The Journey of Flower – Chapter 079

Hua Qian Gu tried to use her internal energy, but she could not do so because there was a mysterious pressure in her stomach, preventing her from using her power. She pressed an acupoint on Nan Wu Yue to wake him up. He was surprised to find himself in prison and not in the black hole. Hua Qian Gu asked him if he was afraid to die, and he said no. She told him to run away if there is a chance, but he should try his best to never harm innocent people. Nan Wu Yue did not want to leave her behind, but she felt she had to stay at Chang Liu because she deserved to be punished.

It was damp and dark everywhere, the silence was like death, no other prisoners were seen. The Court of Law implemented penalties quickly and rigidly, rarely imprisoning anyone so the prison temporarily detained the accused before deciding what is to be done.

It was difficult to know how much time had passed, the sound of someone was suddenly heard. Hua Qian Gu looked up, it was Dong Fang Yu Qing. She knew he would find a way to visit.

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The Journey of Flower – Chapter 078

Bai Zi Hua and Sha Qian Mo were in a deadlock in the air. The crowd held its breath and waited to see what would happen. Sha Qian Mo was furious and withdrew his red Fei Ye sword, which he rarely used because his power was usually enough to defeat his enemies and the sword color clashed with his outfits. His intention to kill was clear. In contrast, Bai Zi Hua was calm but appeared ready to fight against Sha Qian Mo.

Hua Qian Gu and Nan Wu Yue were trapped in a wall of light, circling slowly around Bai Zi Hua. Dong Fang Yu Qing looked at the two of them and could not believe what he saw. His eyes flashed with happiness. He decided to take a risk and let Hua Qian Gu go with Bai Zi Hua.

Unfortunately, Sha Qian Mo had a different mindset. He began to furiously attack Bai Zi Hua, moving so quickly that everyone only saw flashes of his purple outfit. Bai Zi Hua flew higher into the sky to avoid Sha Qian Mo’s deadly strikes. If Sha Qian Mo attacked with 100 strikes, Bai Zi Hua only retaliated with 1 strike. The Heng Shuang sword moved easily in tandem with its owner. In the meantime, Hua Qian Gu and Nan Wu Yue continued to float around him, never too close but never too far away.

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The Journey of Flower – Chapter 077

The brilliant light and powerful force field made Hua Qian Gu lose consciousness. When she woke up, everything already disappeared except for a crimson moon in the sky. Hua Qian Gu and Nan Wu Yue found themselves in a crystal lotus. She peered over the petals and saw a gigantic tree under them. The tree was growing. New branches were sprouting, and crystal lotuses were blooming. Their flower was at the top of the tree.

Nan Wu Yue felt pain and began screaming. Hua Qian Gu tried to ease his pain by transferring her internal energy to him, but his condition deteriorated rapidly. His body emitted a red force field, pushing her away. He writhed in pain like a dancing snake. She was surprised to see the seven year-old boy lengthening into a 17 year-old teenager. When the transformation was over, Nan Wu Yue walked over to her, stepping into her embrace. The fragrance of the crystal lotuses intensified, lulling Hua Qian Gu to sleep.

Nan Wu Yue sensed powerful fighters would soon invade the black hole. He did not want them to steal his great power, but he was too weak to fight them at this moment. He looked at Hua Qian Gu and realized the body of a god was strong enough to hold the power of the Demon God. His body began to exude a golden light, which enveloped Hua Qian Gu.

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