The Journey of Flower – Chapter 029

Many spectators closed their eyes, afraid to see this bloodbath. The judge elder, Qing Liu, Yun Yin, Luo Shi Yi and even Shuo Feng gathered their internal energy, intending to interrupt at the last minute. In other words, Hua Qian Gu was losing.

The sound of a sword piercing the air unexpectedly rang out, the purple light from afar shot forward like a dragon vaulting amidst colorful clouds. The blade glowed the colors of a rainbow, slicing through the wind, the sword’s aura sharp and pressing.

The sky darkened, the wind howled, the waves rolled higher a few meters. Disciples sitting crossed-leg in the air in the path of the sword’s aura were hit directly and knocked down, it took awhile for them to steady themselves.

Luo Shi Yi looked carefully, it seemed the Emotionless sword sensed its owner was in danger, it flew out of its scabbard and shot forward. Without waiting for an order from Hua Qian Gu, it attacked Ni Man Tian.

Everyone was shocked. Luo Shi Yi was happy but also worried, he could not believe Hua Qian Gu and the Emotionless sword had already achieved the level in which they became one.

Hua Qian Gu smiled wryly, spitting out blood. Her body and blood vessels were heavily injured, her strength was depleted, without medicine she feared she could not live.

Hua Qian Gu threw away the Bi Luo sword, the sword fell from the sky, its aura gone, no one controlled it, it sank straight into the deep sea. The Emotionless sword returned to her hand, as if worried for its owner’s injury.

Hua Qian Gu stroked the blade, her eyes reflected immense gratitude and helplessness.

Ni Man Tian was a new student, only seeing Bai Zi Hua at important ceremonies, he had the sect leader’s sword during those times, thus she did not recognize the Emotionless sword. However, the immortals and her parents immediately knew, discussion noises began to spread.

Ni Man Tian continued to use 24 Palm Methods from Peng Lai Island to attack Hua Qian Gu, the Emotionless sword glowed, protecting Hua Qian Gu in a barrier. Ni Man Tian could not get close, she became frustrated and shouted: “Hiding in the aura of the sword, afraid to fight back, you should just admit defeat!” It seemed she forgot she did the same thing with the Bi Luo sword to gain the upper hand.

Hua Qian Gu stood in the barrier created by the sword trying desperately to control her breathing, then used her last ounce of strength to launch an attack.

Her hand holding the Emotionless sword, she suddenly remembered the moonlit night she had flown with Zun Shang on the sword. In her head, she could not stop seeing the image of Zun Shang with his white robe fluttering in the wind, ethereal like a crane, she sighed deeply, everything suddenly became clear, something inside her body yearned to break free.

Her mind had not decided, the sword already moved. It was as if she was playing in the sky, oblivious to everything. Her sword technique was quick like floating clouds and falling water, flowing naturally from her hands. However, the sword technique was not from Mount Mao or Mount Chang Liu, it was invented by her.

Her body seemed like dancing, the sword was like a colorful ribbon, she vaguely sensed a tremor through the Emotionless sword as if it was connecting with her.

It felt as if pure water filled her body, slowly spreading to the blood vessels. From icy cold to fiery hot, her internal energy burned, after spreading everywhere in her body it pooled in her stomach. A cool energy rang in her ears like thunder. Suddenly, her five sense sharpened. Within a hundred miles, each bubble in the deep sea, each cry of the seagulls, each whisper, each gasp, she heard clearly.

Luo Shi Yi, Yun Yin and their groups laughed gleefully, it was unexpected that Hua Qian Gu reached a higher level in cultivation during such a dangerous moment. Surviving a calamity, she transcended into Po Wang within the different levels of cultivation: Chu Shi, Ling Yin, Po Wang, Zhi Wei, Kan Xin, Deng Tang, She Gui, Zao Hua and Fei Sheng.

Ni Qian Zhang and Su Rui looked sad, they did not expect Hua Qian Gu to become the biggest obstacle in their plan.

Wu Qing Luo gasped in relief, smiled and told Huo Xi: “You’re losing for sure!”

Huo Xi wiped his sweats, he did not think the fight would be so tense. However, Hua Qian Gu was truly his pet, hahaha, she did not disappoint him. Losing, losing, he was happy even if he lost their bet.

But he still argued: “Huh, they’re both exhausted, the winner isn’t clear, let’s wait and see!”

Ni Man Tian obviously realized Hua Qian Gu’s sword technique and cultivation had reached a higher level, she became more anxious. Muttering a spell, she summoned the swords of Ni Qian Zhang and Su Rui. Swords in hand, but she was not strong anymore, she could not attack smoothly, thus they were like ordinary weapons. She attacked Hua Qian Gu with everything she knew.

Ni Man Tian had studied sword fighting since childhood, practicing the forte of different sects, but the sword technique Hua Qian Gu invented was too powerful, elegant yet elusive, she had never seen such moves. Fortunately, Hua Qian Gu was exhausted, she executed the moves without strength. Nevertheless, even if it was just the Emotionless sword, it was already difficult for her to fight back.

In front of everyone, Ni Man Tian could not cheat, she could only prolong the fight with Hua Qian Gu. Her injury was severe, if she continued, it was likely she would die.

Hua Qian Gu wanted to push Ni Man Tian outside the Emotionless sword’s barrier, she used the five elements to attack from a distance. However, Ni Man Tian flew high and low, speeding to the left and to the right, Hua Qian Gu could not touch her.

Her strength slowly draining from her body, she was moving too much so blood would not stop oozing out. Hua Qian Gu saw everything in a white blur, she vaguely saw Ni Man Tian’s shadowy figure.

She really, really, really could not hold on anymore. If this continued, she would lose for sure.

She suddenly saw Bai Zi Hua’s calm eyes, she mumbled sadly, Zun Shang, you and I might not be fated in this lifetime, Xiao Gu cannot be your disciple.

She recited a spell, the Emotionless sword launched forward like an avalanche, afraid she would seriously hurt Ni Man Tian so the sword grazed her body and knocked the twin swords from her hands.

Ni Man Tian did not have a chance to react. Someone already pounced on her. Her strength also depleted, she had trouble flying on the wind, suddenly having someone pouncing on her, she lost her balance, Hua Qian Gu dragged her along as they fell into the sea.

At this moment, Hua Qian Gu already fainted. Suddenly falling into the sea, water filled her ears and mouth. Her body slowly sank down, but her hands gripped tightly onto Ni Man Tian and refused to let go, finally falling into endless blackness as deep as night.

Xiu Mu Qing Liu and Yun Yin waited with disciples from Peng Lai Island, they immediately jumped into the water to save the two girls.

The spectators were astonished, who would think the semi-final would be so fierce and gruesome.

Personnel from the medical division quickly moved forward to treat them. Qing Shui and the others did not know how to help, Xiu Mu Qing Liu and Yun Yin took turns to transfer their internal energy to Hua Qian Gu. Fortunately, Yun Yin had brought Fan Si medicine from Mount Mao to help heal Hua Qian Gu’s organs. However, Hua Qian Gu was heavily injured, it took two hours before she regained consciousness.

She tried to sit up in Qing Shui’s arms, seeing everyone’s eyes looking at her with concern, she tried to smile.

Her first sentence was: “Who won?”

Everyone bowed their heads, she immediately knew the first person touching the water was her.

Unable to control her emotions, she abruptly spitted blood that she could have swallowed.

Hua Qian Gu smiled weakly. It was the will of Heaven, how could the result be different?

4 thoughts on “The Journey of Flower – Chapter 029

  1. Wow! This fight was seriously good!!!!!

    The best fight between girls that I have ever read.

    Thanks for the chapter lidge.

    It’s astonishing how HQG improved in just half a year but I’m sad she lost.

  2. while watching the drama i was wondering how the fights were written in the book, how to describe tgise energy bursts and wot not

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