The Journey of Flower – Chapter 035

Hua Qian Gu was stunned for a moment.

But that voice, calling her “kiddo.” Surprise and happiness immediately appeared on her face.


Sha Qian Mo picked up Hua Qian Gu and spun her in a circle a few times in the air.  Then he held her like a baby in his arms, refusing to let go, his arms rocking gently back and forth.

“It’s been a year, why are you still light like a feather, why don’t you have any meat?”

“No, I’ve grown chubby, I’ve grown chubby!” Hua Qian Gu argued excitedly.

Sha Qian Mo lovingly pinched her face, she really looked better, her eyes were bright and clear, filled with water, causing people to sympathize with her. Most of the inauspicious aura from her body and the black aura between her eyebrows were gone. Bai Zi Hua purified her internal energy daily, directing the five elements inside her. However, he was arrogant enough to try to change her fate, would he not need to sacrifice a lot of internal energy and years of cultivation?

At first, he worried Bai Zi Hua was too cold, causing the kiddo to suffer if having to live with him. Surprisingly, he was a competent teacher. The kiddo looked great, the days at Jue Qing Hall seemed happy, he felt reassured.

Bai Zi Hua finally lived up to his handsome face! Not many existed in this world that he admired, even lesser were those with beautiful features that caused him to open his eyes wide to take a look. Beautiful people, they need to do things befitting of their beauty, such as laugh more, talk more, no need to look serious all the time! As if everyone owed him money.

“Jiejie, why are you here?”

“I wanted to come earlier, but the monster and demon realms were in chaos trying to steal the holy instruments, I’ve been very busy. Since Bai Zi Hua has been gone for a few days, I sneaked up here to visit you.”

Sha Qian Mo complained that he had to wear an ugly mask over his beautiful face. Hua Qian Gu praised his ability to disguise himself to look like someone else. Sha Qian Mo did not bother to correct her, that he killed the servant and peeled off the skin on the face.

Sha Qian Mo and Hua Qian Gu flew out of Jue Qing Hall and down the mountain until they arrived at a cave. A flame appeared in Sha Qian Mo’s left hand, and they walked into the dark cave. It took a long time, but Hua Qian Gu finally saw light at the exit. Suddenly, she saw endless blue water. It seemed they were at the blue sea under Mount Chang Liu.

“Wah, so pretty, I see so many colorful fish.”

“Like them? Want to catch and grill two fish so we can eat?”

Then he pulled Hua Qian Gu into the sea, Hua Qian Gu was preparing to stop breathing, she unexpectedly found herself standing on the water surface.

If it were her, the most she could do was stand on the water surface for a bit, but Sha Qian Mo controlled all the water near them, he was really powerful. She happily ran everywhere, splashing water, then crouched down to catch the small fish. However, the small fish were smart, always slipping playfully out of her fingers, not allowing her to catch them.

She turned around to look at Sha Qian Mo, he already took off his mask, staring blankly at the sea.

“Jiejie, what are you doing? The fish are pretty, right?”

Sha Qian Mo reluctantly turned his head to look at Hua Qian Gu and sighed loudly.

“Kiddo, why do you think I’m so beautiful?”

Hua Qian Gu saw him feeling sorry for himself, nodding innocently: “Yes, why are you so beautiful?”

“My beauty is unrivaled in the world, but too bad I’m only the leader of the monster and demon realms. I don’t like to do everything, most of the time I don’t want to use my name, but it’s still impressive, right? But why can’t I be the most powerful, would that not match perfectly with my beauty?”

“Who’s the most powerful?”

“Who knows! Probably the Demon God, but no one has seen it. At least in the six realms, I’ve only lost to two people.” Sha Qian Mo proudly crossed his arms in front of his chest.

“Who? Are they so powerful? Is it my teacher?”

“Your teacher is one of them, I lost and willingly admit it, but actually we did not fight that long, his sword scratched my face, I immediately backed out to find a way to heal it. If we continued fighting, it’s hard to say who’d win, huh!”

“Oh, who’s the other person?”

“The other one, his name is Dou Lan Gan.”

“I think I’ve heard this name.”

“He’s very famous, he used to be the best warrior in Heaven. He’s also one of the five Leaders, elder brother of Du Bu Qian Jun Nan Ling Han. Eighty years ago, he fell in love with an evil woman and made a lot of enemies. Finally, the Jade Emperor banished him to the savage wilderness and changed many rules because of him. A hundred years ago, the monster and demon realms revolted, wanting to attack the human realm, I fought against him when he led Heaven’s army , but……”

“But what?”

Sha Qian Mo replied with resentment: “But he was too ugly! His face round and shiny like a mirror, I saw my reflection in it and was distracted, the result was I lost in disgrace! I had to run away……”

Hua Qian Gu held her stomach and laughed loudly. That sounded like something jiejie would do.

“That battle was very violent, Dou Lan Gan was experienced, ruthless like the demon realm. He quickly stopped the revolt. He even killed the leader of the demon realm, but he was a useless old man, always tempted by women. Who knows why he loved that evil woman, the fate of the best warrior in Heaven ended horribly. The word ‘love’ is very dangerous.”

“Jiejie, what do you think, between my teacher and him, who’s more powerful?”

“Based on cultivation, probably your teacher is better, but based on fighting ability, he’s probably more dangerous. Your teacher is too kind, seldom using his sword. Don’t even talk about killing, he rarely even causes injuries. If he fights with Dou Lan Gan, that would be amazing to watch!”

Sha Qian Mo imagined a darkened sky, without any light, he was beyond himself with excitement.

“Jiejie, where’s the savage wilderness?”

“That’s where the six realms send prisoners condemned to death, it’s full of demons and monsters, the prisoners can’t use their power, they have to fend for themselves, living is like dying, never being able to escape.”

“How horrible! Oh jiejie, how did you know about this path under Mount Chang Liu?”

“There are a lot of obstacles on Mount Chang Liu, the top is protected by a barrier, the ground is filled with traps. The path and cave were formed mainly from erosion, the rest was made by Shi Zun’s disciple who was expelled from the sect. As to how I know about that senior senior senior disciple, I’ll tell you later when there’s time, haha, let’s go play on the sea floor!”

Hua Qian Gu realized they were at a small island near Mount Chang Liu. Sha Qian Mo created a big air bubble around them so they could do down into the water without needing to hold their breath. When they played enough, they resurfaced.  Hua Qian Gu took off her shoes and ran freely on the sand. She also made a seashell necklace for Sha Qian Mo. In the meantime, Sha Qian Mo looked curiously at Hua Qian Gu, wondering why she was the key to resurrecting the Demon God? In what way could she be connected to the holy instruments? Unfortunately, that was her fate, the Demon God would surely be reborn.

21 thoughts on “The Journey of Flower – Chapter 035

  1. Thank you Thank you for translating the story. I just recently got hooked on c-novels and now I can’t stop reading. Even though Sha Qian Mo is kind of vicious. I like him more than I like Bai Zi Hua.

  2. Thank you for the chapter, it was eloquently put 😀 Thanks for translating hehe. Also I really find HQG so innocent and adorable right now. I want to put her in my pocket :3

  3. “Sha Qian Mo did not bother to correct her, that he killed the servant and peeled off the skin on the face.”

    Uhhh, that servant must have done something totally bad to deserve that otherwise I have completely lost respect for Sha Qian Mo. :/

    • SQM didn’t want to use make-up to disguise his face because he thinks it’s too troublesome and the powder would ruin his skin so he just killed off the servant and cut off the skin on the face. Yes, he’s that ruthless. He’s the leader of the demon and monster realms. He didn’t achieve and retain that position by being a nice guy. He’s only nice to HQG, but you’ll see later why he treats her differently.

      • But I thought in an earlier chapter, he said that even though Hua Qian Gu is too trusting, she is lucky to have run into him who is a “good guy?”
        Maybe I took the “good guy” too literally?

        • He’s a good guy in his mind :D. He thinks he’s the best in everything, lol. Remember when HQG first met SQM, Yun Yi who betrayed and ruthlessly helped the demons to decimate Mount Mao was attempting to kidnap HQG. He only had to see SQM and he disappeared immediately because he didn’t want to mess with SQM. Anyone who knows SQM runs the opposite direction as soon as they see him or even hear about him. HQG is just a blockhead :D.

          SQM is the leader of the demons and monsters, which are the worst of the worst in the 6 realms. He needs to be even worse than them to control them or why would they obey him?

          • Ah okay, thanks for explaining Lidge. 😀

            One more question, is SQM gay, lol? Sometimes he acts a bit too feminine and that makes me a bit sad since I love him more than Bai Zi Hua haha. xD

            • Ask away. No, SQM is not gay. He’s just too in love with himself to the point of being over the top delusional. Maybe your understanding of this character is affected by the actor’s feminine behavior in the drama trailers. In the book, I do not believe SQM acts feminine. The book just decribes him as being extremely beautiful so blockhead HQG thinks he’s a woman.

  4. Hahahah, you are funny lidge.. calling Qian Gu a blockhead in thinking SQM is a woman. Ah.. she’s young and impressionable. I am going enjoy her innocence and happiness for now.

  5. Thank you for the translation! SQM is my favorite character in all of this, so… 🙂 Thank you for your efforts.

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