New Epilogue for Heavy Sweetness, Ash-Like Frost

Dian Xian, the author of the novel Heavy Sweetness, Ash-Like Frost, wrote a new epilogue for the drama adaptation. You can read the completed Eng translation of the novel at decembi’s blog.

Click to read the new epilogue: Chinese raw ||| Viet translation

I don’t think the new epilogue has been translated, so I’ll do a quick summary. 

[Note: In the novel, JM was described as an exceptional rare beauty. Dian Xian did a great job with this epilogue because it answers what a lot of fans were wondering: did Phoenix fall in love with JM because of her looks or her personality? In this new epilogue, Phoenix has never seen JM’s face because she always covers it with a cloth. Nevertheless, he still falls deeply in love with her, so he loves her for her personality, strange as it may be, lol.]

The epilogue takes place after Phoenix and JM have married and living happily in the Underworld. One day, deities from the Heaven realm visit them and tell them that a catastrophe will occur in the Human realm and many people will die. The only way to prevent this is if JM goes through reincarnation and experience hardships for 1 lifetime as a human.

Phoenix opposes the idea, but this is a noble cause, so JM eventually sweet talks him into allowing her to do it. He agrees, but with 2 conditions. First, he gets to pick the person JM will be reborn as. Secondly, he also wants to go through reincarnation with her.

[Note: When they’re reborn as humans, Phoenix and JM lose all memories. They don’t remember each other.]

JM is reincarnated as the leader of a tribe of women healers. The healers live in isolation and are so secretive hardly anyone knows about them (jealous Phoenix wanted to keep JM away from all men lol).

The healers exist only to serve the ruler of the kingdom. Their most important mission is to create an elixir of life that will make the ruler live forever. The catch is if he dies for whatever reasons, the tribe leader will be buried alive with him. This causes JM much anxiety and she always prays for his great health because she doesn’t want to be buried alive with him, lol.

One day while gathering medicinal herbs on a mountain, JM saves an injured person. Since she grew up around only women and has no awareness of the differences between males and females, she assumes this is a “young lady” like herself. The young lady is heavily injured, she can’t hear or talk. While they live together and JM uses the injured person as a guinea pig to test medicine, JM discloses her identity to her companion, not realizing the person has regained the ability to hear and speak but chooses to stay silent. After some time, the mysterious person disappears.

Two years pass by. During this time, the young ruler overthrows his corrupt uncle and seizes back power. Suddenly, JM gets summoned to go see him. JM is worried because although she imagines herself to be a great healer, she still hasn’t figured out how to make him live forever. JM’s loyal maid accompanies her on the trip.

When they meet, JM doesn’t understand why the ruler looks strangely familiar. Out of frustration, he yells that he’s the person she had saved on the mountain. He doesn’t understand how she can think she’s a great healer when she can’t even differentiate between male and female, lol.

The ruler is Phoenix’s reincarnation, and once again, he has fallen in love with a blockhead JM. He confesses his love for her, but she turns him down repeatedly. As leader of her tribe, she’s forbidden from falling in love or the punishment will be severe.

Phoenix doesn’t know what to do except keep her at the palace and visits her often to try and win her heart.

At this time, court officials are pressuring Phoenix to marry and have heirs. Phoenix holds them off by saying he wants to conquer the enemy kingdoms. How can he have a family when their kingdom is constantly threatened? JM isn’t too thrilled at the thought of Phoenix volunteering to go to war because her survival is linked to his, lol.

Thankfully, Phoenix is a brilliant warrior. He defeats the surrounding enemy kingdoms easily until there’s only 1 left.

This will be his last campaign and when he returns, he intends to marry JM whether she agrees or not.

Although JM doesn’t realize it, she has gradually fallen in love with him. Knowing this, JM’s maid poisons her because JM has broken the rules. The leader of the healing tribe can’t fall in love or she’ll be killed.

When Phoenix returns from war in triumph and rushes into JM’s room, he finds her dead body.

Against the wishes of the court officials, he still marries her corpse in an elaborate ceremony. Then he rides off with her on a horse to his tomb. Inside the tomb is a single coffin. He carries her body inside and dies with her.

Now that they’re both dead, Phoenix and JM return to their true forms as Demon Lord and Water Deity, respectively. Although they experienced heartbreak in the Human realm, it was only 1 lifetime. As immortals, they can love and stay with each other forever.

8 thoughts on “New Epilogue for Heavy Sweetness, Ash-Like Frost

  1. Hi! I saw the chinese raw and tried to google translate it. There’s a part where a demoness said something about Phoenix marrying somebody else and that he was first engaged to Sui He? I’m quite disturbed because the google translation also kind of mentioned him having other wives. Huhuhu can you help me on clarifying that part? Thank you!

  2. All of the links are broken and they aren’t archived in Wayback Machine either. The baidu post was deleted. What’s up with that? Also the other Chinese versions of Heavy Sweetness I’ve found online don’t include this epilogue but end with the page boy interludes. Was this epilogue not genuinely written by Dian Xian?

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